Day 1 Take 2

March 3, 2013

I got blindsided by 2 illnesses and then a virus that ran rampant through nearly all the websites I was overseeing. Sickness on all fronts, and then I lost motivation and it has seemed daunting to come back to this. It feels like a new years resolution gone wrong as so many do and so many donuts later I’m back to the same fat ass I started with.

But, there is always time, and only time and a reason is needed to start back again. My business is officially done, and time is more open to me. I am getting back on the horse. I have been writing morning pages sporadically, but I think I will get a new journal, one with smaller pages and a more approachable demeanor. My current journal is a thick black hardcover with big white pages that seem to bury me every morning.

I am also going to go in more gently and start with what I know – that is The Artists Way. Walking in the World was novel for a bit but I think that it may be a bit above my paygrade at the moment. I jumped in too deep and will wade this time, get my callouses back. So here I am, back on the page, 1 false start later.

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