In a Nutshell: 3 Tips to Jumpstart Creativity and a free enewsletter from Creativoly

May 9, 2013

I just signed up for a free 30 day newsletter with daily tips to enhance creativity at (like the name by the way). I found out about this while surfing for ideas on fostering creativity and found an interesting article at Arctic Startup that highlights this service and it’s creator Niklas Laninge.  Though geared more towards business professionals, these tips are applicable to anybody looking to get more creative.

In a nutshell, here are the 3 tips to start being more creative right away:

  1. Have lunch often with someone who is not a usual associate  – someone in a different profession or department (or a different kind of artist if that’s your thing). This gets you out of using buzzwords and other conversational shortcuts that you use with colleagues, and you get to learn about someone else and what they do, which might spark creative thinking as well.
  2. Shadow somebody you know who is creative. Study what makes them tick and what methods they use to access the zone.
  3. Escape groupthink by spending some time brainstorming alone. In a group setting brainstorms can be more censured because people are afraid to sound stupid. When you are alone, you already know you are stupid so there’s no embarrasement in wild thinking, which may lead to some wildly good ideas!

I thought this simple article offered some easy suggestions and was happy to find another resource in creativoly. Read the entire article below.

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