Day 11: Compatible Cataclysm

January 12, 2013

Not much to report today, I reclaimed the morning pages but did not incorporate much creativity into the day. I am feeling anxious about the Broncos game for whatever reason, and a cold front that is sinking in like an iceberg. For some reason this weekend seems off-kilter to me, so wondering if my intuition will bear itself out (manifested in a Broncos loss I guess, or some other compatible cataclysm).

The business continues to flounder, it’s interesting how much momentum is there. One client jumps ship and the rest smell it or something. I mean why now? I guess the ones that did profit from our work are now sensing the downward spiral, and those that didn’t are oblivious to the changes. Or maybe they were waiting until the new year as I was, or any other number of writings on the wall.

Either way, there is a shift in the air, and it is happening rapidly. Becky is freaking out, I am rolling with the punches, but my expectations (and repercussions of failure) are considerably less. “It is what it is”, to quote some famous illiterate athlete douchebag, so make of it what you will. But “the times they are a changin” to quote some brilliant soothsaying songwriter, so you either have to go or resist. Either way it is happening.

With a successful babysitters rehearsal I do feel more creatively entrenched. But this day to day business, it’s probably like the stock market. Ups and downs, Gains and Crashes. I’m in it now and I’m sure some days there will be sure growth and others monumental failure. That’s the deal.



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