Day 15: Following the Thread

January 16, 2013

Chapter 3 in Walking in This World jumps around quite a bit (she does mention all of her work is self published, I wonder if that means self edited too?) It was hard to follow the thread. Julia covered the distinction she sees between therapy and art, the positive role anger can play in art, and the process of artists mapping out the world as cartographers of the collective unconscious.

She seemed like a woman scorned by therapy in the first part, even pointing out that had she followed her psychoanalyst’s advice she would have been in the secretarial pool rather than a best selling author. At every turn, art was superior to therapy. Can’t the two support each other? Obviously she hasn’t visited the right kind of therapist, as I think therapy can help you discover who you truly are, and give you the strength, courage and understanding to pursue your deepest dream and gifts, as well as great fodder for artistic exploration. Nevertheless, I do agree that creativity can be extremely therapeutic, and a primary vehicle for psychic and world change.

I assume ruminating on this bad therapy experience made Julia feel angry, which fueled her creative fire. I do think anger can be a positive driving force in creativity, and the fuel from anger can be used in a passionate & positive way. I like the anger exercise she presented and will try and do that this week. I know it bubbles up for me, and I’d like to use it more productively and creatively rather than repressing it or fantasizing about kicking my whining dog.

The artist as a mapper also resonated with me. She talked about artists at the precipice of the future, that right now we are as close as humanity has ever been to what happens next, and that artists often look into the future and report back what they see. Or delve inward and bring back insights from the dark heart. I liked both ideas – and that right now we are the culmination of everything that has happened so far, so we are always at the edge.

Right now is a special time, as we are witnessing a peeling back of culture to expose so many different ideas and art from all round the world. There is truly a mish mash melting pot of art whirring in front of our eyes. No wonder the current music and urban art scene is so disjointed. The unification of all this culture is happening right now, and it is being synthesized and forged as we speak ( or write, or sit in our self driving cars or telepath with one another).

Perhaps what I learned by the end of the chapter is that the thread is not linear, maybe it jumps around, follows the flame, acts on whims and uncoils in the wind. Maybe the thread leads to that bleeding heart and stitches up the wounds, if you have the nerve to allow it.

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