Day 2: Is the Universe Conspiring Against Me?

January 3, 2013

Already some setbacks today. I felt like the universe was conspiring against me (it just maybe, just like it is for Dave Schwartz). This morning was rushed getting Xavier ready to go so I didn’t get to my morning pages until later. I know first thing is best, but I did carve time out after breakfast, so that was a positive. I only had a few hours to work today so I tried to cram everything in, the internet was slow and issues were coming up with clients that had to be addressed. So, creativity got pushed aside and worker bee mode kicked in. It’s 10pm now and I’m just writing this red eyed and ready for bed. So how can I work the creative process into my life? What can I do?

This morning I decided I am going to move my morning pages to a journal and bring it upstairs so that when the alarm goes off (now set 30 minutes earlier) I can just roll over and start writing. I think this is the only way I am going to reliably fit them in. I  was hoping to do them on the computer, but I think I need a break from the screen and from setting it all up. Just make it simple and do it journal style.

I need to start incorporating creative breaks into my day somehow – either on my calendar or setting an alarm. Something that I honor and set aside. I’m hoping the book will elucidate some ways to accomplish this easily.

Although today was a frustrating day from a time management standpoint, I did start the morning pages, so I’m still on the recovery path. I’m realizing that I am going to need to restructure my days in order to make this work. I feel motivated and committed, now the practical piece needs to manifest. And this is only day 2!!!

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