Day 3: Tangential Gobbeldy Gook

January 3, 2013

I successfully completed my morning pages journal style this morning. Alarm went off (I’m into the iphone harp for waking at the moment – Xavier is partial to the robot) and half an hour later I had 3 pages worth of barely legible drivel. A great way to start the day actually, and I felt a sense of accomplishment before the coffee was ground.

I’ve had a few creative urges today but haven’t been able to satisfy them unless you count thumbing through a sidewalk box of old vcr tapes (don’t have a vcr) or ordering steamed rice instead of lo mein as creative. I’ve actually been pondering what is creativity quite a bit, and hope to become clearer on what it really means through this process.

I was also perusing kitchen designs online during a “work break” to get a sense of some cool remodels and thinking of ideas I could copy. Is that creative? Or is that just copying? If I put together a bunch of other’s ideas in a new way is that creative? It seems like so much of what passes as creativity these days is really just a rip off. DJs, enough said. But, when you tie things together in a new way then that is creative, that is creating something that hasn’t been done before. Or when you use other’s ideas and apply them to a new field, that is also creative….to a point. It’s also just copying.

Maybe it’s a starting point. Maybe it’s like how painters have to copy a bunch of other works to really learn how to paint, and then they can go off and create something new. In that case it seems like a process, though, with an end goal of becoming original in mind. But that end goal can be a real drag on creativity. So maybe it’s just a part of the creative process. Maybe it’s one of those baby steps that Julia talks about. Or something to fan the flames, a spark that can ignite an inferno.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgemental about what is and isn’t creative and just start doing it. Maybe
I shouldn’t be so judgemental about being judgemental.

O.K., this is starting to sound like my morning pages, full of tangential gobbeldy gook. So I’ll close with that. I do feel like the juices are flowing a bit, and hope to get to another task in the book soon, as well as an artists date in this week. Maybe I’ll go to a copy shop and see how it’s done.

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