Day 5: Beet Juice Playdoh

January 6, 2013

I feel my creativity awakening slightly, I think this is mostly from the morning pages and just shifting my focus and filter towards being more creative. A couple of ideas have come up from my adventures playing with Xavier. There is always room for more childrens books, songs, activities, foods etc. (a case in point are those fruit/vegetable pouches that sold 53 million dollars worth last year compared to $4800 when they first came out in 2008).

1) Organic Playdoh. Made with all organic ingredients. We made some homemade playdoh and it is very soft and works better than the toxic stuff from the store. What if it was made with all organic ingredients and the food coloring was beet juice, kale juice etc. If people are willing to buy everything else organic, why not this? Maybe it could even be edible. (of course a quick internet search shows it’s already been done – back to the drawing board)

Organic Playdoh Alligators

Organic Playdoh Alligators by Xa & Dad – photo artistically enhanced by the ArtistaOil app

2) Ipad Book Matcher: An App that matches up with a book to give more info, or have some little animations, or time markers so you could match up a book with a movie. So you are reading a book with your kid and there are little things on the pages that you look up on the app. Of course you could just have all of this in the app but it’s fun to incorporate several mediums at the same time.

Got this idea because we were watching bits and pieces of finding nemo and trying to find things from the finding nemo book in the movie. It would have been much easier if there were time markers next to some of the images so we could find them – and skip the scary barricuda!

Now these are nothing like brain flashes I used to have (caffeinated soap anyone) but do reflect where I’m at at the moment. Raising a 2 year old allows you to see a whole different world, with lots of potential product tie ins I guess……?



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