Day 8: Elephant

January 9, 2013

The Elephant – coming into our creative beings as a larger self. A more complex being with a trunk and a tail and a big body. Chapter 2 seems to suit me now, this coming out process as a creative which is frought with self doubt and days of feeling strong and days of feeling week and unworthy. I can relate to Julia’s stuggle of finding music at 45 – a new creative calling that rocked her identity as a writer.

I am just coming back home to my creativity. Songwriting seems like the natural fit, something that still has a lot of juice for me but might not be the thing. Maybe it is photography, I’ve really enjoyed taking pictures lately. Or maybe writing, I’ve always heard this faint voice from a long echo chamber saying “you should write”.  I don’t know, but it’s interesting to note the artist’s life is never quite settled. It is not linear, and involves a whole lot of faith. That is the place I still need to step into and embrace.

This week I did morning pages every day, which already seems to be helping tremendously. I did an artists date, which was fun. I did not do the walk, so will try to do that this week. The synchronicities are already happening, and a big opportunity will present itself this week (according to my fortune cookie anyway, which seems as good a compass as any in these turbulent times).

The elephant in the room is my creativity, and how this impacts my current financial, work, time, life situation. I am just waking up to him, he’s been there all along, slumped in the corner, whinnying for some peanuts or a belly scratch.

Elephant, nice to see you.again.

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