Day 1: A New Cliche Beginning

January 2, 2013

I’ve been targeting this date for several months in a cliche new year’s resolution, but whatever works at this point is just fine. I just read the first chapter of “Walking in the World; by Julie Cameron. Ive read The Artist’s Way several times over the course of my life so thought I would start somewhere new this time. The presentation and format are very similar, and this is comforting. Nothing to learn and the quotes seem right on target today. I’ll be starting morning pages tomorrow, and an artist date this week. The new twist to the routine is a weekly walk, which makes sense and seems to round out the other 2 processes – adding a more free form element to the mix.

The main point I got out of this first chapter is “just do it”. When you are thinking too much about the end product and how daunting it will be to create, it can get intimidating and overwhelming, and the work never gets off the ground. A journey always starts with a first step. The first task in this chapter is “What the Hell, you Might as Well”: List 20 small creative actions you could take. I think the idea here is to see that there are always options, and actions you can take to be creative.

Here is my list for the day:

  1. Buy a cheap didgeridoo
  2. Write a verse to a song I am working on called “Riverboat”
  3. Donate 3 shirts to Goodwill, and buy 1
  4. Explore some kitchen designs for the house
  5. Learn how to make a a chain of people out of paper and make it with Xavier (Xa for short, my 2 1/2 year old)
  6. Get some food coloring for the playdoh we made
  7. Make an alligator out of said colored playdoh
  8. Write a letter to my Grandma
  9. Find a new vegan recipe and make it
  10. Download a creativity app for my phone
  11. Write a Haiku
  12. Learn some tamborine parts from the Babysitters album, a band I may play with
  13. Make some muffins
  14. Get finger paints and paint a picture with Xa
  15. Fix my amp and play electric guitar turned up loud
  16. Do a craft activity from that crappy Disney magazine with Xa
  17. Build a snowman the next big snow
  18. Order something off the wall from Fiverr for someone
  19. Go to a tea store and create my own herbal blend
  20. Listen to 5 new bands, one song each.

It feels really good to finish this first post and feel like I am doing something that I’ve wanted to for a while. I feel a real sense of accomplishment just reading a book in a chapter and getting this one down.

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